Getting Nerdie With The Skin Nerd: Your Post Bank Holiday Skin Survival Guide

The Skin Nerd No bliss matches that of remembering that it is a bank holiday, bar for those of us in industries that plough on through like it ain’t there. You can perhaps have an extra glass of vino on Sunday evening without having to worry how the fog will affect your productivity in work – great for antioxidants, the aul vino.

However, those extra glasses of vino, late nights and face paint extravaganzas can spell skin horrors beyond your worst nightmares…

Here are the skin issues to watch for and how to conquer them after the bank holiday indulgences:

“Drinkles” aka dehydrated wrinkles
What do alcohol, face paint and the dreaded face wipes all have in common? Buckle up, there is no punchline here. They all dehydrate your skin, leaving you with “drinkles”.

Alcohol is a diuretic which means that it sucks hydration from your body and thus your skin. The morning after the night before, your skin may feel papery and fine lines and wrinkles may appear more pronounced. This skin dehydration can also appear as excessive oil as our skin counteracts the dehydration by overcorrecting and producing too much oil. Ditto for face paint and wipes which often contain drying alcohol in topical format.

Option number 1 is to take it easy on the alcohol to avoid this effect in the first place and avoid wipes and face paint. Option number 2 is to pop on a hydrating mask and let it do all of the hard work.

The Youth Lab Thirst Relief Mask (€20.00, The Skin Nerd online store) is full of ceramides, lipids that exist naturally in the skin and serve the purpose of helping the skin to retain all of its moisture. On top of this, it contains both glycerine and hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), humectant ingredients that draw moisture into the skin, as well as nourishing macadamia oil.

Pop on your hydrating mask and leave it for long as you like – the majority of hydrating masks are formulated in such a way that you can wear them overnight.

You may not have trick-or-treated but the discounted bags of mini Snickers are admittedly very difficult to resist in the supermarket… Why are they always right beside the till?! Add in the bits of face paint that you may not have properly removed and you are on a speed train to Angry Spot City.

There is only one thing for the job and that is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is not only an exfoliating acid – unlike AHAs, it can penetrate into the pore to dissolve debris, dead skin cells and sebum. A good thorough double cleanse with the Cleanse Off Mitt (€5.95) and Environ Sebuwash (€14.00 on The Skin Nerd online store) will help to bust those spots before they have a chance to even think about forming.

Zombie-like dullness
You want to look like a zombie at your chosen Halloween celebration… Not after it. A grey pallor and dark circles come about due to a lack of sleep which means that your skin didn’t have enough oxygen to transport all those necessary nutrients to each of your skin cells. My go-to if my skin is looking a bit less lively than normal is a heavy helping of an illuminating serum like IMAGE Iluma Intense Lightening Serum (€52.00 on The Skin Nerd online store).

The Iluma Serum is a bit out of the ordinary in that it helps to assist with pigmentation and uneven skin tone long-term whilst giving the skin an instantaneous dewiness at the same time!

The most important thing to remember is that it is okay every once and a while to break your usual habits of eating a rainbow of fruit and veg and avoiding sugar for the sake of your skin (as I simply know you do everyday). Go a little wild – just don’t skip your double-cleanse.

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