Why ‘Ghost Layers’ Are Going To Be The Next Big Haircut Trend

‘Ghosting’ is a dating trend that we’d like to see the back of, but now there are ghosts popping up in the hair world too and it’s a trend we’re a lot more welcoming of. Introducing ‘Ghost Layers.’

Ghost layering is a haircutting technique created by hairstylist Ramòn Garcia that’s taking over Instagram.

As first reported by New Beauty, this is the perfect cut to get this summer is you want something low maintenance yet full of body, movement and texture.

Ghost Layers Trend

Speaking to Mane Addicts, Ramòn said ghost layers remove heaviness and weight from within the hair without losing length – this is a summer hair game changer.

“It’s a technique that adds movement and texture while giving the illusion of a one-length haircut,” says Garcia.

“It works for all types of hair, so it really is the best of both worlds. Varying lengths are key—shorter pieces work to add motion to locks, while longer layers serve to camouflage these pieces.”

So what’s with the ghost moniker? Well it’s ghostly because when you first look at the hair it looks all one length, but in fact it has light layer hidden within the hair.

So if you’ve been considering layers, or ‘bangs’ in the US, this is a genius way to get a new look without going for a drastic change.

Garcia explained that he “ wanted to give people a more modern look.”

“You can’t see [the layers] until you’re walking down the street and the wind hits you.”

If you have highlighted or ombré hair even better, as the style doesn’t cut too much off and makes it easier to extend the life of your colour.

See you at the salon.