Get Your Fix in the Most Fabulous Fashion: Glitter Coffees Have Arrived

The party season is often full of glitter, from fashion to stationary and home decor – but now you can add a sparkle to your kick of caffeine too, as glitter coffees have taken over one particular coffee shop.

The edible glitter coffee trend has become a thing in Palm Vaults, a trendy café London’s Soho area, within fashion boutique Fiorucci.

Serving sparkling lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos, the glitter colours reflect the café’s decor and greenery, but doesn’t affect its taste – the coffees will still taste as good as they look.

The vegetarian coffee shop brings its coffee art together with a glitzy finish that’s perfect for all Instagram lovers, which the café has showed off using the KiraKira+ app.

Providing customers with dairy-free alternative beverages, alongside breakfast, lunch and brunch options, the Soho boutique will add your choice of coloured, edible glitter for an extra £1.50.

Though Palm Vaults have two locations in the fashion capital, their second is Hackney Central, only the Fiorucci café is currently serving these glitter coffees. We’re hoping for our London sisters around the former area, that they will soon be able to order glitter coffees too, to sip, snap and enjoy.

Plus, if you’re looking to find something extra special for a party or business event in the area, choose from their five vegetarian and vegan friendly designs, as Palm Vaults also runs a cakes catering service.

For more information, visit or their @palmvaults.