Review: How A Glow Peel Facial Helped Me Fight Adult Acne

As a teenager, I was quite lucky in that I never struggled with my skin. While those around me were coping with the stresses of acne and a range of other skin issues, my struggles with spots were minimal, with a breakout here and there being all I had to deal with.

Reaching my 20’s, I figured I’d made it through unscathed. Unfortunately, this wasn’t to be the case.

Glow Peel Facial Review
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At the ripe old age of 24, I found myself faced with adult acne. Finally understanding the stress faced by my friends during their teenage years, I wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

Toying with skin products, pills, facials and other forms of treatment, I was encouraged to try a more targeted approach.

After being recommended by a friend, I contacted Eavanna Breen at Akina Beauty and Laser Clinic.

Explaining my situation over email, Eavanna immediately put me at ease and fully understanding that skin issues can affect self-confidence, she booked me in for a consultation.

Gently informing me that I had mild acne, she talked me through all the possible causes and natural ways to improve my skin (something I admittedly had been letting fall by the wayside).

Treating me with a Glow Peel Alumier facial which targeted my specific skin concerns. It was a little bit painful, but the good kind of pain. Following the facial, I was given a 5-day set containing an Alumier cleanser, recovery balm and SPF as my skin was extremely vulnerable.

Abandoning make-up in work the next day to let my skin recover, my co-workers were astounded at the difference the peel had made to my face.

A month later, I went back for a second treatment and this time, Dervla went another layer into my skin, treating it further.

While I knew my skin was improving with these facials, it was hard to notice a huge difference when I was staring at my face in the mirror every day.

In fact, it wasn’t until I saw the before and after photos that I fully appreciated the change.

As well as the Glow Peel facials, I did a 4-week gut cleanse, which meant cutting out dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol as best I could.

I did slip every now and again (cheese is far too tempting), but overall, I managed, and I believe this definitely helped my skin.

I also invested in the Digest-Pro food supplement and Skin Accumax, an advanced nutritional supplement containing DIM, which works to heal your skin from the inside out.

While my skin isn’t back to its pre-acne state yet, I’m happy with how it’s improving and feel determined to keep it going.

I’ve all but cut out dairy (cheese doesn’t count okay!) and am taking much better care of my skin. I’m also still taking the probiotic and skin accumax to give a further boost to my skin.

If you’re looking for a professional acne treatment service with staff that put you at ease, answer all your questions and show genuine interest in your skin’s health, then I would highly recommend Eavanna, Dervla and all the team at Akina Beauty.

A Glow Peel facial costs €120 and this includes your five-day post-treatment care.

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