Where to Indulge in The Best Cocktails In Dublin

There was a time in Pre Celtic Ireland, where if you asked anyone if they’d pay more than a fiver for a drink in a bar they’d have laughed at the absurdity of such a notion. That was then and this is now. We are steadily within what some call the Post Celtic Tiger Economic Boom and Dubliners as well as visitors from all over the globe to Ireland’s Capital are willing to indulge in some of the finest beverages they can feast their taste buds and eyes upon.

When you work hard, where’s the harm in occasionally playing harder? Isn’t that better than the latter sometimes? One should always leave room to Indulge the senses. From the humdrum of Dublin’s South Side to the working class enclaves of the Northside , an array of bars, some newly opened and some old school gems, are attracting attention because of their mixology crafts and delectable countenance. For such occasions, we have listed some of the the best cocktail experiences to be had in Dublin and where to have them. 



One of my absolute ‘go to’ places in Dublin, when I am in need of an old-fashioned, Peruke & Periwig is a unique and memorable drinking experience on 31 Dawson Street. Open seven nights a week, the ground floor boasts a cosy and comforting bar that looks as if its stood the test of time and has stories yet to tell. 

They have an extensive selection of the finest award winning cocktails. Made in a theatrical manner of display by some of the best mixologists and bar staff you’ll ever see in action. A truly unforgettable cocktail experience each and every time you walk through its doors. 


Vintage Cocktail Club is a gorgeous oasis of calm and cocktails set right in the heart of Dublin’s buzzing Cultural hub Temple Bar. Behind an unobtrusive black door marked only with the lettering VCC, you have to ring the bell, wait slightly anxiously for a few moments until the door comes ajar and you are met with the host or hostess who may or may not usher you in, it depends on if they have room! (Best booked ahead) If all goes well, you will step on in for an unrivalled cocktail experience.

Set over 3 floors, including a fabulous roof terrace, VCC is the epitome of 1920s chic – vintage trinkets, antique furniture, a roaring fire and beautiful art. Well worth checking out. 



Secretly tucked away in Dublin’s city centre, the Blind Pig is an underground cocktail bar known for the quality and artistry of its cocktails that truly evoke the mood of a 1920s speakeasy. A truly tantalising experience that is guaranteed to impress the taste buds of cocktail lovers.

If you can choose to visit for just drinks, you get in touch with them and will then receive instructions on their location which is less than a five-minute walk from Trinity College in the city centre near Grafton Street. If you want to place yourself in the forgotten thrill of secret passwords, false storefronts and just a touch of lawlessness, you must seek out The Blind Pig. But hey.. you have to keep it a secret. So shush!


Stylish old school elegance married with local history and a subtle splash of contemporary art is the essence at The Lucky Duck. A protected structure of architectural, historical, archaeological and urban landmark significance, the original building was plotted in 1756 as part of the Aungier Estate, owned by the esteemed Francis Aungier, Earl of Longford.

Since it was first recorded in 1837, 43 Aungier St has been a drinking establishment, with a colourful collection of proprietors over the years. What I love about this place is that along with the cocktail bar, there is also a downstairs ground floor bar that bears a gallery type plethora of old photographs dotting the walls dating back to when it first opened its doors back in the 1700’s and chronologically moves through the years. If you’re sat at the stool at the right time, you’ll get some locals reeling back the years to you. Such a charm! A must drop in to place to quench the thirst and take a step back in time without feeling too left out.

BAR 1661

Dublin’s newest cocktail hotspot, Bar 1661, which is situated at 1-5 Green St, off Capel Street, places an emphasis on Irish spirits, particularly Poitín. The new venture gives a nod to the year the traditional Irish distilled beverage was made illegal in Ireland (1661). It opened its doors on Good Friday and it is steadily garnering its own word of mouth endorsement from locals and the passerby.

The vibe is laid back with an impressive list of finely tailored sipping fusions in a dimly lit open-room setting, amidst the soundscape of killer playlists. Music is a strongpoint here, and from what I can tell it will pay homage in some degree to the old school Juke Joint bars of Southern USA. I spoke to the proprietor Dave Mulligan, when I popped in last week, and he mentioned that they will be announcing a slew of live music in the genres of Jazz, Roots and Blues nights soon, which will only add to the unique atmosphere of the establishment.