Your Essential Guide to Harvey Norman’s New Interiors Collection

Article by Selene Alford

Earlier this week, Harvey Norman invited guests to the launch of its Interiors Spring/Summer 2018 collection at the new flagship store in Tallaght.

This season it’s all about helping you create your own place called home and they’ve lots of beautiful new additions to help you do just that.

Harvey Norman Studio Large Sofa €1499 - Front Cover Image

Showcasing collaborations with local grown brands such as Scatterbox, Briody and Emerald Isle, front and centre has to be the team-up with Colourtrend as this season’s stunning catalogue shoot uses nothing but Colourtrend paint.

With real life home settings arriving in all stores from April, you will soon be able to get a first-hand feel for how the colours work in a space.

By far one of the most exciting new additions (IMHO) was the launch of a brand new faux flower shop with beautiful blooms to help you create your own stunningly realistic bouquets.

While I can manage outdoor gardening, keeping indoor planting alive is something I haven’t yet mastered, so this is a fantastic way to ensure continued colour and greenery throughout your home, at all times.

Head of Homewares at Harvey Norman, Yvonne Nugent was also on hand to explain the four key trends that inspired the new collection.

The collection’s plum tones means that it’s far more liveable than the lairy electric purple offered by Pantone.

The first, ‘Beeten Track’, is a softer take on this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, Ultra Violet, inspired by, you guessed it, beetroot!.

It’s plum tones means that it’s far more liveable than the lairy electric purple offered by Pantone.

Paired with the natural green shades of another food-inspired source, celery, Yvonne explains how a wonderful harmony is created using Colourtrend colours like Luscious Rush, Chinese Whisper and Sorrel, making you feel calmer and more serene.

Maximus Corner Sofa €1999

The next: Retro Peach. If you grew up in Ireland, chances are you had an avocado coloured bathroom at some stage and if you didn’t, it was probably because your family had the peach variety instead.

This trend is all about us moving away, ever so gently, from our obsessive relationship with grey to warmer neutrals of light pinks, roses and peaches like Colourtrend’s Beag or Pink Chocolate.

My favourites from this range has to be the Rose Textured Glass Oval Pendant Light (€100) and the ‘Origami Rose’ Cushion (€30).

You can never have enough cushions in my book!

Zoey Chaise Sofa €1499, Armchair €749, Twister Armchair €699

Bringing a golden touch, the Guilty Pleasures trend plays on love of all things gold and brass.

Inspired by a revival of the Arts and Crafts movement and one of its greatest influencers, William Morris, this is all about returning to more artisan, handcrafted techniques but still delivering a fair amount of opulence and style.

Brandon Double Bed Frame €499

For an easier introduction, why not try the Sunrays Mirror (€240) or if you’re feeling braver, go all out with the quilted velvet ‘Zoey’ Chaise Sofa in striking mustard (€1,199).

For paint, try Colourtrend’s Ox Vein, French Mustard or Templar Grey.

Finally, for something that will last a bit longer and with a less transient feel, Everyday Luxe is about being able to rely on your basics and not worry that they will be out of style as soon as the next season rolls around.

Calex LED Full Glass Filament Globe €20, Fiesta Feather Cushions 35x50cm €20, Eloise Cushion 45 x 45cm €30, Origami Rose Cushion 45x45cm €30

It’s about adding depth through texture and lighting with touches of luxury; perfect for adding a new dimension to a classic palette such of Colourtrend colours Silver Birch, Silk Seal and Winter’s Breath.

Standouts for me were the Mathea Powder Throws (€85) and seriously stylish collection of rugs (from €160) .

Visit for more info on Harvey Norman’s new collection.

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