Suffering From Hay Fever? Science Says You Need to Drink More Gin

The glorious weather we’ve been enjoying the past few weeks (I think they call it summer?) has been a blessing, it really has, and we really don’t want to complain but we are *dying* with hay fever as a result.

Hot weather plus a high pollen equals an office full of sniffling, bonged up people.

Given the weather is beaut all social occasions are happening outside too, which can put hay fever sufferers in direct line of fire of pollen.

To make matters worse these boozy al fresco soirees can doubly effect your symptoms as certain types of alcohol can aggravate hay fever.

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According to a survey conducted by Asthma UK 64 per cent of people with the hay fever said certain types of alcohol trigger their symptoms and might even make asthma worse.

It turns out the same allergens that trigger hay fever can also cause asthma attacks in people with allergic asthma.

According to Asthma UK it’s usually the substances found in alcoholic drinks rather than the alcohol itself that can trigger symptoms

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Many drinks (such as beer) contain histamine which is the same substance that’s released in the body when you have an allergic reaction.

Also sulphites are preservatives found in many alcohol drinks (like white wine) and can also exacerbate symptoms.

So are some alcoholic drinks better than others?

If you fancy a drink choose one with fewer sulphites and histamines. Clear spirits like gin and vodka are your best bet.

While white wines and cider tend to have high levels of sulphites, and red wine and some beers can have high levels of histamine.

So if you’re suffering from the sniffles and heading out for a few ditch the pints and opt for a G&T instead.