Holly White’s Kind Beauty: I Tried a 16 Week Blow Dry and Here’s How I Got On

Holly White cruelty free makeup budgetI’m currently on day 6 of an incredible Juice fast.

It’s in a beautiful resort called Moinhos-Velhos in Portugal.

I’m now through the pangs and the headaches that go alongside detoxing and, honestly, I am loving it.

This is the kind of place you go to totally switch off. With that in mind I planned to bring minimal products with me and leave any heat tools at home.

In preparation for this I tried first the first time a ‘16 week blow dry’, or Brazilian Keratin Treatment, which is designed to reduce volume and frizz. Here’s how I got on…

The Treatment

A few weeks back I was invited to try the QOD Treatment which is a completely cruelty free organic keratin treatment that promises smoother frizz free hair for up to 16 weeks.

My hair is naturally thick and coarse and not entirely unlike a horse’s tail in it’s natural state.

Blow drying it takes ages, however I don’t need to wash it too often, but it usually takes an hour and the use of some tongs to style it properly also.

QOD Treatment is a completely cruelty free organic keratin treatment that promises smoother frizz free hair for up to 16 weeks.

I’m always interested in these kind of treatments because honestly I love my long hair but I rarely wear it down because it’s too much work and if something can make your life just that little bit easier, it’s worth trying.

The Process

I was invited into Gillian Edgeworth’s salon in Temple Bar and the process took approximately 2 hours.

It was deep cleansed to remove any product build up initially, then dried off.

The product was applied and then dried into my hair and sealed with a straightener. It felt a bit stiff and had a strong smell but otherwise it was fine.

Image via @hollywhite on Instagram
Image via @hollywhite on Instagram

I was advised to wait between 24 and 48 hours before you wash the hair and avoid getting it wet, tying it up, or going to the gym.

The Effect

One thing I will note is that it felt like it lifted the colour on my hair. It looked lighter and I have a reddish undertone which came out a bit stronger.

It’s also recommend that you use their sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners which I did.

When I washed it two days after getting the treatment it definitely felt smoother, but I still needed to style it. I suppose I was more curious as to how it would last.

Holly White 16 week blow dry

Nearly 6 weeks on I am in a place where thankfully there’s no need to dry hair and having let it dry by itself twice now I can really see the impact.

Whilst the ends of my hair are damaged from colour at this stage, the roots to about my chin is noticeably smoother.

If frizz and thus needing to over-use heat tools is something you would like to minimise I would definitely recommend looking into this.

Just be careful of your existing colour and otherwise I think it’s a fabulous treatment!

The Details

If you’re interest in learning more about a 16 week blow dry visit www.qodireland.ie for information on where it’s stocked near you!

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