Holly White’s Kind Beauty: How to Do Cruelty Free Vegan Makeup on a Budget

Holly White cruelty free makeup budgetPeople often message me assuming that cruelty free products are going to be expensive.

This is absolutely not my experience at all and whilst I do have a few pieces of Charlotte Tilbury in my make up bag, I have some much more affordable additions as well that are completely cruelty free and vegan.

I’m into failsafe pieces and use things a lot before I would even consider recommending them.

Read on for my polished edit cruelty free vegan makeup brands that you can shop on a budget.

Wet N’Wild

Wet N’Wild is the number one make up brand in the US. Thankfully it’s now available in pharmacies nationwide and the basics are incredible.

In particular I really like the make up brushes – which not only look very cool – but also start at just €2.

The white colour is really striking and also unlike a lot of brushes I have used I’ve never had any issue with staining on these.

The little addition of a grip halfway along shows all the detail is there – even at €6 a foundation brush.

Years ago I remember paying €35 for a foundation brush which felt like an ‘investment’ and not to be honest I would steer clear paying that much ever again.

As well as the brushes I also really like the foundations and was particularly impressed with the Photofocus Foundation.

It feels very liquid-ey but it actually sets quickly and the coverage is a strong medium. It has a semi- matte finish and if set properly will last a good 8 hours I find.

People have said that the smell is a little strong initially – although it quickly disappears – but it doesn’t bother me at all.

666 lip liner is also a cult classic and on of their most popular items. It’s a perfect shade of nude, lasts well and sells out continuously.

The reviews online are consistently good and I scrolled through a lot to see if there was a bad one but all I could find was people raving about it and advising if you find it locally or abroad, stock up. You wont regret it.

Penneys’ Beauty

Penneys has a place close to every Irish girl’s heart. We’ve all popped in for something nominal only to find ourselves leaving an hour later laden down.

Over the past year they have really upped their own brand make up. Their make up completely cruelty free and vegan and being honest – so impressive.

I’m always after failsafe universal pieces I will use time and time again and one piece I picked up was the Powder Contour and Highlight kit.

If you take this on holidays you have no need for shadow, blush or highlight as well as contour. The packaging is very cool and this has serious dressing table appeal.

It’s the perfect shade of brown contour that can be built but also naturally blends well on paler skins like my own.

Sleek Make Up Brow Kit

Last but not least when it comes to brows one kit comes right to the top for me.

The Sleek Make Up Brow Kit (€11.99) has everything you need, including a tiny pair of tweezers and a decent enough size mirror.

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit

A lot of kits just have shadow but this has tinted shaping wax and setting powder provided. The slanted brush is also at the perfect angle to get a good arch, yet thin enough to get a natural shape.

I’ve re-purchchased mine about three times at this stage and really love it. It’s available in 4 shades ranging from Light to Dark as well.

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