Holly White’s Kind Beauty: 4 Tips For Creating a Natural Dental Care Regimen

Currently in social media there is an overwhelming wave of outrage at the use of certain apps to enhance, change dimensions, remove blemishes and whiten your teeth in an instant.

I’ve never been interested in editing my photos and bar some Instagram filters, I don’t manipulate them in any way.

That said I couldn’t help but notice since returning home from my honeymoon, where a little too much red wine was drunk and I definitely sipped on a lot more coffee than usual, that my teeth appeared a little darker than I would like.

If white strips aren’t for you and you are looking for a natural dental care regime to brighten your smile, read on.

Regular Dentist Trips

First and foremost I think it’s fundamental to have regular hygienist appointments. I go to My Dental for a Scale and Polish at minimum twice a year.

When problems in your teeth form it can become incredibly expensive and this is a way of getting a regular check up and a professional clean at the same time and maintain your long term dental health.

Oil Pulling

At home I’ve also been experimenting with a natural brightening technique using coconut oil.

Oil pulling is the act of swishing oil (usually sesame, sunflower or coconut) in your mouth for up to 20 minutes to improve oral health.

Coco baci natural dental care

The practice of oil pulling started in India thousands of years ago.

Just as with oil cleansing for the skin, the principle of “like dissolves like” applies, as oil is able to cut through plaque and remove toxins without disturbing the teeth or gums.

You simply take a teaspoon full of oil and swill it around your mouth, without swallowing, and allow the oil to attract toxins.

it’s surprisingly hard not to speak or laugh while swilling the oil about your mouth…

After twenty minutes you then spit the oil into the bin. Never flush the oil down your toilet or spit it down the sink as it could block the drain.

It takes a while to build up to the recommended 20 minutes and the only time I have had any success with an oil pulling routine is when I did it very first thing in the morning during my shower.

Holly White

My husband seemed delighted when I told him I wouldn’t be able to talk to him for twenty minutes, but it’s surprisingly hard not to speak or laugh while swilling the oil about.

Coco Baci sell very handy sachets that you can actually store in the shower or take away travelling. Their mint sachets leave your mouth feeling incredibly clean and refreshed.

I did notice a subtle lifting of stains and the clean sensation is phenomenal. It’s on a par with leaving the hygienist after brushing once you have built up to the twenty minutes and done it for a few days.

It’s quite a shocking to think of the amount of toothbrushes we use in a lifetime and how they will be there long after we are gone

Overall it can do no harm and I’m intrigued to see at my next check up will there be an improvement. It may be a strange coincidence but I had an outbreak of mouth ulcers and they healed much quicker than usual since doing this. I will keep you posted!

Sustainable Tootbrushes

Sadly standard toothbrushes are not bio-degradable and will all end up in landfill or at the bottom of the ocean.

It’s quite a shocking to think of the amount we use in a lifetime and how they will be there long after we are gone.

If you want a more sustainable option all good health food stores will stock an alternative or can order it in for you.

Environmental Toothbrush

One I particularly like is the Environmental Toothbrush from Nourish Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo, harvested from local farmers not plantations, and BPA Free Polymer bristles that are microbe resistant, these toothbrushes help keep both your teeth and the environment clean. They are Vegan-friendly and Fair Trade.

Natural Toothpaste

Charcoal is also a hot ingredient in the natural toothpaste world at the moment. Whilst I haven’t tried it myself there are very mixed reviews of it online.

What I do love are my two favourite fluoride free natural toothpastes by Dr. Bronners and Kingfisher Mint.

Both are naturally derived and Kingfisher has the approval of the British Dental Health Foundation – one of the best recommendations there is. Dr Bronners is 70% organic and the tube and packaging is fully recyclable also.

When things go wrong with your teeth it can get extremely expensive and painful to treat but thankfully with these natural solutions I hope my teeth will be in tip-top shape!

Holly White is a Fashion Journalist and Broadcaster, and blogs on all things fashion, style, wellness, beauty, health and fitness on www.Holly.ie.

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