Holly White’s Kind Beauty: My Two Favourite Primers for Perfect Skin

Welcome to my first Kind Beauty column!

When it comes to beauty, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to find it extremely empowering. Who can deny how ten minutes applying concealer and seeing traces of sleepless nights, breakouts or exhaustion, hidden from the world through the power of make up, feeling like a secret weapon?

Charlotte Tilbury has an expression ‘Give a woman the right make up and she can conquer the world.’

It’s easy to scoff at such a statement but genuinely I think we all know just how good it can feel to face the day with a confident face of make up on. Even though you’re taking care of your exterior, the part that people see, beauty goes so much deeper.

Upon turning thirty I became passionate about animal welfare. Through watching more documentaries than is healthy on both Netflix and youtube, and extensive research on and offline, I thoroughly explored animal testing. I changed my diet to vegan almost overnight – and slowly but surely I began to change my make up and beauty products.

“Charlotte Tilbury has an expression ‘Give a woman the right make up and she can conquer the world.’”

Most people would be aghast to see that their beautifully packaged mascara rubbed onto the shaved skin or dripped into the eyes of restrained rabbits without any pain relief but that’s what happens sadly.

Thankfully the world of beauty has evolved and there are incredibly effective products that deliver results, with no unnecessary cruelty. There’s no compromise, only a win win situation.

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In this weekly column I am going to be sharing all my tried, tested and loved products that are entirely cruelty free.

The world of beauty can be a wonderful positive thing and an effective form of social change too. By demanding cruelty free methods of product testing, manufactures and laws will change.

I want to highlight everything from the close-to-home Irish brands to the global innovators. I’m extremely conscious of sustainably sourced ingredients, recyclable packaging and most importantly highly effective products, so all those factors will be considered too.

“In this weekly column I am going to be sharing all my tried, tested and loved products that are entirely cruelty free.”

First up this week I’m talking about prepping and priming your skin. Whilst a primer is a new enough product, and initially I was reluctant to admit that another step was necessary, these can be game changing.

I’ve picked my two favourite primers that I have used to the end and re-purchased several times. One can have a matte effect but protects your skin and the other is an essential step to natural looking glow.

Murad Invisiblur Perfecting Shield

This is one of the finest facial SPF’s I have ever come across. It’s a clear silicone gel and just 1 pump of it plumps up your skin evens it, making make up apply much smoother but also leaving your face completely protected as well.

If regular SPF seems to sit in your skin – this could be something you’ve been looking for for a while. Also being clear it’s virtually invisible also.

Cover FX Illuminating Primer

Cover FX is new to Arnotts and the range is vegan, paraben, gluten and oil free. If you have extremely sensitive skin like mine any perfume is more irritating than luxurious so this is a godsend. There is a trend in make up for it to look almost luminous.

Whilst there are degrees of extremity no one can deny that a healthy glow is what we are all after. Applying a pea sized amount of this to your skin, either with your hands or a clean foundation brush, will give you glow in all the right places.

You can layer this up for a more evening look or add their incredible customisable drops, but even on it’s own this makes healthy looking skin even more achievable.

Holly White is a Fashion Journalist and Broadcaster, and blogs on all things fashion, style, wellness, beauty, health and fitness on www.Holly.ie.

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