Holly White’s Kind Beauty: 4 Makeup Palettes That You’ll Actually Use

Holly White cruelty free makeup budgetHaving just come back from a 24 hour trip to Belfast I have a yearning to do lots more short-haul travel, around Ireland and maybe further abroad.

One thing is for sure, packing for short trips is almost harder than long ones.

I know some people carry a full makeup bag with them at all times but for a short length of time it can feel a bit much.

Nothing cuts down the amount of products you use better than a well designed palette. Individual eyeshadows, highlight, blush and contour are unnecessary, minimising the amount you’re carrying.

Sadly not all palettes are created equal and some are not as universal as I’d like but these are my favourites.

Read on for four of my favourite makeup palettes that will both simplify your makeup bag and up your beauty game.

BPerfect Louise McDonnell Master Palette €29.99


Louise is one of Northern Ireland’s best known make up artists and she also did fellow make up palette creator Suzanne Jackson’s wedding make up.

I have a bit of fear in me when it comes to bold colours and strong shades and whilst there is one very deep red in this palette, there are also so many lovely neutral brown and gold tones.

The bronzer is a light tone, and there are two highlighters and a pale peachy blush.

Nothing cuts down the amount of products you use better than a well designed palette.

Whatever kind of a look you were going for this is truly a complete face palette.

It also has a black cake shade which if you used with a wet brush would be perfect for lining, allowing you to leave yet another product at home. The only downside is it lacks a mirror.

Urban Decay Sin Afterglow Palette €36

I associate Urban Decay with the best palettes. Their Naked eyeshadow palettes are universal and some of the fastest selling in the world.

Inspired by their bestselling highlighter shade, Sin, this is such a beautifully designed addition to their line.

The purple wilted roses on the pink packaging give it a real rock n’roll feel, but what’s inside is surprisingly subtle, if you want it to be.

There are two shares that would work beautifully for a rosy blush, one with shimmer and the other matte.

Image via @hollywhite.ie on Instagram : Photo by @bridodonovanphoto makeup palettes
Image via @hollywhite.ie on Instagram : Photo by @bridodonovanphoto

The bronze and highlighter shades are all buildable and one shade in particular, Paranoid, gives the most stunning brown smokey eye.

The mirror on this palette is great but my advice would be place some tissue between it and the shadows for storing or it will quickly cloud up. It’s also magnetic meaning it wont accidentally open in your bag.

Buxom May Contain Nudity Eyeshadow palette £36

Urban Decay Afterglow Blush Highlighter Palette

Although this isn’t a full face palette I really like it. Buxom is a fun colour focused range with some really strong basics.

This is the perfect size to slip into a handbag and contains 6 shades, a really good mirror, a mini brush you would actually use – as against those foam things I don’t know what to do with – and hard casing in the package.

Whilst the trend is for things to be packaged in cardboard and it’s easily recyclable, there’s something almost luxurious feeling about solid packaging.

There are 3 matte and 3 shimmery shades in this and it could easily lend itself to shadow, highlight and contour – even though it’s sold specifically as a shadow palette.

Couleur Caramel 12 Colour Eye Essential Palette €59.90

Last but not least, if you want to go down the total organic and natural route Couleur Caramel is a certified organic vegan make up brand.

They are the official make up range to Dancing With The Stars in France so don’t think this brand isn’t up to the job.

As a sidenote having seen myself on TV screens regularly for the best part of four years, let me tell you, few things challenge your make up more.

They are the official make up range to Dancing With The Stars in France so don’t think this brand isn’t up to the job.

It’s not just the magnification whereby you can practically see your pores, its also the heat of studio lights that test staying power and coverage so I can only imagine adding dancing into the equation really tests make up.

If you have very sensitive eyes this is also a great option as it’s chemical free so the chance of reaction is very low.

The shade range is lovely and there are plenty of pale shimmer shades that would work as an overall highlighter but this does not have a suitable option for bronzing.

However, the mirror is well sized and the colour pay off is great and long lasting.

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