Holly White’s Kind Beauty: 3 Morning Beauty Rituals That Don’t Cost The Earth

Thankfully the cold weather seems to be breaking and the endless month that was January is coming to and end, and routine now seems to be a thing I can contemplate.

Being self-employed and working from home means in theory there are no exact times to ‘clock in’ at, but to be honest sometimes too much freedom can be a dangerous thing.

I can’t lie and say I haven’t had a few days of dragging my laptop into bed and working from there but equally I’ve also had days where I moved from bed to my desk in my office and worked straight through all day barely having time to get dressed.

Neither are correct and to be honest carving out some sort of morning routine that I stick to changes the vibration of the whole day.

Below you’ll find three of my essential daily beauty rituals that won’t cost the earth but will make a good morning even better.

1. Hydrate First Thing

Before anything else I aim to drink at least a litre of water first thing in the morning. Overnight, whether you sleep in a centrally heated room or not, your body dehydrates enormously.

Being dehydrated makes me feel cranky, constantly hungry and just low in general.

Being dehydrated makes me feel cranky, constantly hungry and just low in general.

Even if I think I don’t need it I will aim to drink one big glass with a slice of fresh lemon or dash of Apple Cider Vinegar, which although acidic sounding, is actually very alkalising.

When buying Apple Cider Vinegar be sure it has ‘the mother’. This will be a cloudy silt at the bottom of the bottle which ensures it’s live and high quality.

Holly White Morning Beauty Rituals

Having warm lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins, aids digestion and is also a great source of citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

I take mine through a straw as I get bad sensitivity in my teeth otherwise. Obviously plastic straws are a big no-no but Glass Dharma does great re-usable ones that come with a lifetime guarantee to replace them if they break.

Dry brushing tingles slightly but the benefits of these two minutes are countless.

I’d highly recommend investing in a few especially if you have kids who love straws as the effect of disposable plastic straws is catastrophic.

Watch A Plastic Ocean on Netflix if you want the hard, extremely upsetting, facts.

2. Dry Skin Brushing

When it comes time to have my shower taking two minutes to do dry skin brushing before has become a really important step. While the shower is heating up I take a bristle brush and working from my feet up using I stroke the brush on dry skin.

If your brush is too hard when your first buy it soak it in hot water to soften as it shouldn’t be sore.

It tingles slightly but the benefits of these two minutes are countless. Dry body brushing helps shed dead skin cells and encourages new cell renewal, which results in smoother and brighter skin.


It can also help with any pesky ingrown hairs and assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. If you are a tan fan this will ensure it applies and fades evenly and as much as I love a good body scrub, this seems to go deeper.

I also find that anything you apply afterwards penetrates more effectively.

For a good brush I like this one that has cactus fibre bristles.

Most importantly do not use on sensitive areas such as face, neck, throat or broken skin and if you want to keep it clean a little tea tree oil diluted in water spritzed on it will do the job and always leave it near a window or heater so it can dry out and no bacteria can breed.

3. Brave a Cold Shower

My last tip, and this wont be the most pleasant, but it’s over quick and it’s highly effective, is to finish your shower with a cold blast.

Having just been sick this is obviously not something I would recommend if you’re feeling unwell, but when you’re feeling good, a quick, even thirty seconds, rinse in icy cold water at the end of your shower can have a brilliant effect on my mood and skin tone.

If I am washing my hair a cold final rinse also makes it less wiry and easier to dry. This is a case of just having to turn the dial and breathe deep – it never gets easier – but the benefits are amazing.


My skin feels smoother and also there is some amazing research on the effect on your mood as well.

“Hydrotherapy with cold water can increase beta-endorphin and noradrenaline levels in the blood, as well as noradrenaline levels in the brain, which may in turn have an anti-depressant effect on mood,” says Sheenie Ambardar, M.D., a Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist.

After all this I feel ready to face the day!

I hope you enjoyed these affordable, achievable beauty rituals, let me know if you try any of them out!

Holly White is a Fashion Journalist and Broadcaster, and blogs on all things fashion, style, wellness, beauty, health and fitness on www.Holly.ie.

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