Holly White’s Kind Beauty: How to Get the Perfect Salon Updo – And Still Feel Like Yourself Afterwards

I’ve reached certain conclusions on my beauty routine and one is that I can’t do my hair for going out.

Bar straightening or curling, anytime I have attempted to do an up-style no matter how many ‘easy’ tutorials I watch or whatever products I invest in, it always flops.

With this in mind for a recent event I put myself in professional hands.

Up-styles can be really pricey, with most salons starting at €50, so to help you get the best possible result here are five of my top tips to get a glam salon updo, but to still feel like yourself afterwards.

Wash your hair the day before

Most people’s hair holds better when it’s a day old as it has a bit more grip. Ideally wash your hair the day before and don’t use any product so your stylist has a blank canvas to work on.

Wear something you can unzip or button down

It’s actually shocking how quickly hair can be ruined by pulling a jumper over your head. With this in mind wear something you can easily zip or button down so you can avoid this.

If you can’t step into your dress, let your stylist know you will be pulling it over your head.

If you are really worried you can buy these Popon disposable hair and make up protectors When I was styling bridal I always ensured the models used these.

They’re very reasonable and protect both your hair and make up ensuring there is no transfer onto your clothes.

Also.. bring an umbrella

Bring as many pictures as possible

We all have a very different idea of what ‘just throw it up’ actually means. No one will interpret a look the same way so having stash of screenshots on your phone is essential. Even if you only like an element of a look make sure you bring a picture.

When I was getting this up style I had about five pictures which might seem a little overboard but I was so happy with the finished look in the end it was worth the momentary embarrassment.

Watch like a hawk

Do not read the magazines. I repeat, do not enjoy the coffee and Cosmopolitan!

Stylists will always see you differently to how you see yourself, sometimes this is good, sometimes it’s really not.

Do not read the magazines. I repeat, do not enjoy the coffee and Cosmopolitan!

I have a personal hatred of too much volume at my roots but unless I say it several times, they will assume that like most people I want volume, so I watch intently.

There have been times I have gotten absorbed in a magazine only to look up and really not like what’s happened. It gets very awkward and I’m not good with that kind of confrontation.

If you have ever asked for something to be totally re-done I take my hat off to you. I have sheepishly left with a smile planted on my face and attempted to fix it at home before.

Holly White Aveda Updo Brown Thomas 2

Make sure it’s set correctly and shake your head before you leave

Your hair is going to have to withstand getting home, dressing, travelling to your event and hopefully dancing all night long.

When properly set and secured this shouldn’t be an issue so before you leave your salon shake your head about a bit and if there is any area that already feels like it’s coming loose get them to fix it while you are in the salon.

Rest assured you wont need to buy bobby pins for a year…

When the night ends and you make it home and take down your hair you will be amazed at the amount of hair pins. I read once that the Olsen Twins have a six clip maximum when they get their hair done but I’ve never had that experience!

Hair by Leon in the Brown Thomas Beauty Lounge using Aveda Cruelty Free hair styling products.

Holly White is a Fashion Journalist and Broadcaster, and blogs on all things fashion, style, wellness, beauty, health and fitness on www.Holly.ie.

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