Holly’s Kind Beauty: 3 Top Tips to Get the Best Out of Waxing

Holly White cruelty free makeup budgetYears ago I had a course of laser hair removal, and a top up, and whilst I had fabulous results there are a few patches of straggling hairs that are pretty resistant.

They are not bad enough for me to do another course – they’re still annoying and shaving only seems to make them grow back darker.

To get the best out of waxing I’ve a few tips that begin long-before you are lying on the waxing table and they make a huge difference.

Skin Prep

Ingrown hairs are a nightmare and attempting to get them out can result in scarring if not done precisely and hygienically.

Regular exfoliation is your key weapon here and combining a good scrub with exfoliation gloves a few days in advance of your wax gives a great result.

Exfoliation gloves are available in all pharmacies but having tried a few I have to say the Soap & Glory Exfoliating Scrub Gloves (€5.49) are brilliant.

They’re just a bit tougher than the standard ones and even brushing over dry skin with them on is effective.

Combining them with a good scrub is like an at-home spa treatment.

I adore the new Yon-ka Body Range and their Gommage Sucre Nourishing Exfoliating Sugar Scrub (€25.20) is enriched with the anti-stress and revitalising essential oils of Mandarin and Sweet Orange.

Applied dry, a little goes a long way and the two kinds of sugar melt onto your skin and then it changes into a milk upon contact with water. You’re not left feeling greasy at all and your skin is so smooth.

Otherwise I am a big fan of the Dublin Herbalists Exfoliating Scrub (€29.95). It’s thick, gritty, smells divine and contains lots of pink Himalayan sea salt.

Pay for Quality

Once you are prepped I’m going to be honest here and say you must pay for quality when it comes to waxing.

I have left appointments only to have re-growth a few days later because they were breaking the hair, rather than pulling it in the direction of growth from the root.

Also a bad bikini wax can easily result in a rash as it’s such a sensitive area.

I would have never honestly believed anyone if they said waxing could be pain-free assuming it was something you have to grin and bear, but this is phenomenal

There are a few dedicated waxing salons but my personal favourite is Brazilia on South William Street – they take waxing incredibly seriously and know their stuff.

They also only use Lycon wax. Lycon are one of the most prestigious and effective waxes in Australia.

I booked in for a full leg, bikini and underarm just before my honeymoon and I was so impressed. My legs stayed smooth for nearly 2 months after.

Waxing Image via @hollywhite.ie on Instagram
Image via @hollywhite.ie on Instagram

With that in mind and a glimpse of a potential summer ahead I booked in for the same again with my therapist Megan.

Megan is so calm and precise you can tell she does this all the time. There’s nothing awkward about waxing with her and she’s so meticulous. Not a strand is left behind and I was done within an hour.

I would have never honestly believed anyone if they said waxing could be pain-free assuming it was something you have to grin and bear, but this is phenomenal.

This is due to Lycon’s special qualities, which allow it to remove shorter hairs and also its conditioning properties, which minimises discomfort.

Post-Wax Tips

After your wax do if you’ve sensitive skin like me do absolutely nothing with your legs. Avoid baths, showers, gyms and saunas for at least 24 hours to allow the skin to settle completely.

I combined my waxing with having to go to an event and I was so tempted to apply tan… but resisted and I am so glad I did. Having had lumps form on my legs from applying product too soon after I’ve been warned off!

Holly White Waxing Tips IndulgeMe.ie

Your therapist will advise you exactly but I would suggest waiting at least 24 hours before applying any tan.

Exfoliate weekly or ideally dry skin brush regularly to ensure you don’t get any ingrown hairs and your legs stay glowing and silky smooth.

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