How Often You Really Should Be Cleaning Your Home, According to Science

How often do you spend time cleaning your home? We’re not talking a little dusting, brushing the floor or fluffing of the pillows here. We mean *really* cleaning your humble abode.

We hate to break it to you, but your house is hotbed of bacteria and needs to be thoroughly cleaned on the regular.

But exactly how often will help prevent a bacteria build up?

cleaning Image by via @parachutehome on Instagram
Image by via @parachutehome on Instagram

The guys at MyDomaine have pulled together a load of science-backed studies to share exactly how often we should be cleaning our homes.

From the fridge to your mattress, read on for your cheat sheet to keeping your home squeaky clean.


How often? Every week

FYI, new research suggests that microwaving food does *not* kill bacteria. Wipe it down once a week then doing a deep cleaning twice a month.

Bed Sheets

How often? Every one to two weeks

This depends on your habits. If you don’t shower after work or sleep naked, you’ll need to wash in hot water weekly.


How often? Every week

You should be cleaning your bathtub as often as your toilet, according to recent research compared the bacteria she found in tubs to trash cans. It found a serious skin infection–causing bacteria in 26% of the tubs tested, compared to just 6% of garbage cans.


How often? Every month

Salads are good for you, the drawer you keep them in, not so much. Scientists say salad drawers contain 750 times the safe level of bacteria.


How often? Every week

A breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you eat at your desk, studies have found keyboards to harbor five times the bacteria found on a toilet seat.


How often? Every three months

We’re talking about the actual pillows here. You should also replace them every three years, but if you have allergies you should being doing so as often as every six months.


How often? Every two months

You wash your sheets but how about your mattress? Nope us neither. Apparently sprinkling the mattress with baking soda to absorb odor before vacuuming it is a solid cleaning method to follow.


How often? Every six to 12 months

Your carpet could contain up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch, so you need to go further than just vacuuming and regularly steam it too – or more frequently if you have a pet.


How often? After every three uses

Science says washing your towel after only three uses removes millions of dead skin cells, and don’t forget your hand towels too.

Kitchen Countertop

How often? Every day

You might already do this religiously but experts say to pay extra attention to the sink area, this is the dirtiest area because people tend to use sponges contaminated with food.