This is Exactly How Often You Should Be Cleaning Your Home

When was the last time you gave your home a good clean? We’re not talking about tidying up here, but a rather a deep cleaning that requires you to put on the Marigolds and apply a bit of elbow grease.

Did you have to pause to have think of the answer? That probably says a lot…

If you’re in need of some motivation you don’t have to look any further that the wealth of bacteria your home could potentially be harbouring, and according to MyDomaine it’s not just places like your toilet seat that need a deep clean to keep them safe and hygienic.

how often you should be cleaning your home Image via @callahaninteriors on Instagram
Image via @callahaninteriors on Instagram

Read on to find out how frequently you should be cleaning your house.

Microwave: every week

Bed Linens: every one to two weeks

Bathtub: every week

Refrigerator: every month

Computer: every week

Pillows: every three months

Mattress: every two months

Carpet: every six to 12 months

Towels: after every three uses

Kitchen Countertop: every day

If that’s not enough inspiration to get stuck into a deep clean then perhaps the news that if you have a messy bedroom you’re more likely to get a bad nights sleep and are at risk of increased anxiety might do the trick.