#IndulgeInBooks Interview: 47 Seconds by Jane Ryan

#Indulgeinbooks is introducing you to one of the Ireland’s newest crime writers. Jane Ryan is here in conversation with me, fellow crime novelist, Sharon Thompson. I’d like to thank Jane for her time and patience and urge you to immediately indulge in her novel 47 Seconds 

Detective Garda Bridget Harney’s obsession with Seán Flannery began when he claimed his assault on an underage victim was ‘consensual’. But the case against him fell apart. Bridget realises no rules hinder Flannery, so why should they hinder her?

So Jane Ryan, we love the description of this novel…. but why should we buy 47 seconds?

Oh Lord! What a question. . .why should you buy my book?! Do you like upended reader expectations, twisted plots, quirky characters and all of this behind the scenes of law enforcement in Ireland? It sounds like the back cover of 47 Seconds, but the blurb is the attestation oath that new Gardai take and harks back to Detective Garda Bridget Harney’s decision to join the Force. I haven’t found a story featuring a female detective in the Drugs and Organised Crime Bureau in Ireland, so from that perspective it’s unique.

What’s your favourite bit about your book? Your characters – should we love them or love to loathe them?

There are a few pieces I like in the book, the police procedural aspect of the novel, the idea of Detective Garda Bridget Harney in charge of an armed response unit. I also like the language of the book, if that isn’t too obvious. Language has power, something as a reader you feel first hand. I read my first crime fiction book – The murder of Roger Ackroyd – when I was nine. I didn’t understand all of it, by a long shot, but that up-ending of reader expectations when you find the trusty narrator is in fact – spoiler alert – a villain was exquisite. Somewhere inside me that nine year old is always looking for that moment in a novel. I’ve tried to give 47 Seconds something of that quality.

Irish crime fiction tell us more about the scene you find yourself in?

I’m a part time writer – but in my head and heart I’m a full time author – I relish researching and reading, so would love to write more about Detective Garda Bridget Harney, I feel her story isn’t done yet and the world in which she finds herself is ever evolving with criminals more organised, informed and mobile, but I believe she’s up for the challenge.

Tell us about you, Jane Ryan, please.

I’m years finding the right story for Bridge, she’s very real to me and I tried to put her in flash fiction, or short stories, the proverbial novel under the bed (where it will stay) but she didn’t fit. 47 Seconds feels right. Writing energises me, I love poetry, the magic of the line, the beauty of the word, but I’m no good at it – I need a bigger canvas – I try to write for three hours a day, either early in the morning when the kitchen is cold and the dog is asleep or in the evening after the boys have gone to bed. I have a daily target of 500 words, which sounds great if any of those words were usable or in the right order, but sometimes I get a little gold.