#IndulgeInBooks Review: Tell the Machine Goodnight by Katie Williams

Imagine if there was a machine out there that could tell you exactly what you needed to do to have a happier existence. Maybe it tells you to get a pet, leave your wife or cut off your finger. Sounds crazy, right? Nobody would go for that. Or would you?

Pearl works daily with the revolutionary Apricity machine, which gives clients just that; a personal recommendation for their emotional wellbeing.

Pearl is performing her duties to perfection, but deep inside she is starting to question if measuring an emotion is even a possibility.
Rhett, Pearl’s teenage son, is deeply unhappy. He has his own worries and problems. Pearl starts to wonder if she could persuade him to take the Apricity test.

Technology is taking over our world and lives and this feels like a prescient warning. Sounds very dramatic doesn’t it? We humans do seem to have a reliance on quick fixes and technology, so maybe it’s not as dramatic as it seems.

This is a really intelligent and moving adult debut from the author, who has previously written a number of YA novels. It gives us a look into darkest corners of the human psyche, all thanks to the Apricity test.

Tell the Machine Goodnight is unpredictable. I really never knew what was going to happen next and I loved that. It has a really clever structure and an oddly convincing story.

I’ve got to say; my list of questions was so long. I’m sure you’ll have your own.
It made me question how much we control our own happiness? Would you be prepared to live out the recommendations the test threw at you?
This is a book that makes you think about all of that. It forces you to open your mind and get philosophical about things. There’s never a bad time to do that!

Happy reading!

Tell the Machine Goodnightis available to purchase from www.amazon.co.uk for €12.99

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