#IndulgeinBooks Review: Roar by Cecelia Ahern

Thirty Women

Thirty Stories

I am woman. Hear me roar.

Cecelia Ahern gives us 30 stories about 30 women, all titled “The Woman Who…”, that capture the different facets of women’s lives.
Humorous, moving, surreal and poignant, the stories capture the moments the characters are overwhelmed by guilt, confusion, frustration, intimidation, exhaustion – the private moments when they feel the need to roar.

Each story showcases the originality of Ahern’s talent and the versatility of her voice.

I felt absolutely honoured to receive a copy of this book. I started this very moving collection of stories straightaway and devoured it in two days. I had told myself I would dip in and out as with there being thirty different stories I assumed I’d find it easy to break it down. Let me tell you, I didn’t! I failed miserably.

It’s absolutely beautifully written. We’ve all been “The Woman Who…” at different stages and I really think you’ll all find a story that resonates with you and your own life experience, or the experiences you’ve helped friends through.

The stories are written in such a witty way. They’re incredibly clever and the length of them feels just right to tell each woman’s particular story. I didn’t feel short-changed or like I needed more. I got just what I needed from each story.

The stories are written as I feel Cecelia Ahern writes everything – with love and joy. To quote Donal Ryan, “These stories sing and cry and shout and whisper from the page.” They really do.

With 30 stories about 30 different women there are bound to be favourites and I’ve found my mind wandering back to one or two particular stories. Some reminded me of myself, others of women I know. That’s the beauty of these stories – they are written about our friends, our encouragers, the women who make us brave.

This book, for me, is about being powerful enough to make the change you need in your life and to be the answer to the questions we, as women, regularly ask ourselves.

It is a book that I will buy and pass on to the special women in my life.

Roar by Cecelia Ahern available from 1st November on www.amazon.co.uk

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