Get Set to Flutter: Inglot New Lash Collection Just Landed in Stores

If a pair of lashes are an essential part of your night out beauty arsenal then you might want to make your way to an Inglot store.

Inglot’s Signature Lash Collection launches in all Inglot stores nationwide and online on Saturday 10th February.

Inglot’s ‘Signature Lash Collection’ boasts four brand new, luxurious styles of cruelty free Inglot eyelashes – ranging from subtle and striking to full-on bold and dramatic.

The Inglot Signature Collection lashes were created by Inglot and named after four of the current Inglot Pro Team members – Katie, Aimee, Lorna & Niamh to celebrate all of their wonderful work with Inglot over the past year.

The Niamh Lash

‘The Katie Lash’ is a perfect for natural, day time glam or paired with a smokey eye for a more dramatic night time look, while ‘The Aimee lash’ is a gorgeous, wispy style lash – perfect for any eye look.

‘The Niamh Lash’ is a dramatic style of lash, best paired with Inglot’s gel liner and freedom shadows for a range of show stopping looks.

The Lorna Lash
The Lorna Lash

Finally, ‘The Lorna lash’ is a brand-new style of Inglot individual lashes. The pack contians a mixture of both medium and long style individual eyelashes allowing you to create countless looks, both natural and dramatic depending on your mood.

Need some tips from the pros? Katie says: “after applying DUO Glue, wait a couple of minutes for the glue to go tacky – it makes application a whole lot easier!”

The Katie Lash

“I love to use Inglot’s 31T Makeup Brush to press the lash right into the lash line,” says Aimee.

Niamh’s Top Tip is “after applying DUO glue to the false lash, I lay it down on the eye straight away and then remove it. You will be left with a perfect line of glue over your lash line. Wait a few minutes for the glue on your lash line and the false lash to get tacky and then lay down the lash using the glue as a guide – it works just like Velcro!”

The Aimee Lash
The Aimee Lash

Tweezers Lorna are a key tool for lash application for Lorna: “I love to use a tweezers to apply my false lashes. It makes it easy to move the lash around to the right position, even when it’s on the eye.”

Inglot’s Eyelashes are 100% cruelty free and be priced at €14 each.