Gin Up Everyone! The Irish Gin & Tonic Fest is Coming Back

Having a bad day? Love gin? Well gin up, we’ve got great news: the Irish Gin & Tonic Fest has just gone live into its third year.

The 2018 edition features 26 Irish gins that hail from every province in Ireland and are made with a huge variety of both farmed and wild Irish ingredients.

There are Irish gins distilled with potatoes and organic apples, there are Irish gins that feature botanicals such as Wexford strawberries and Dublin city rhubarb and there are Irish gins aged in casks.

Image via @shortcrossgin on Instagram
Image via @shortcrossgin on Instagram

Running from June 23rd – June 30th, throughout the Irish Gin & Tonic Fest 2018 venues across the island of Ireland will select one of the amazing Irish gins they’d like to champion for the week of the festival and offer unique cocktails.

This gives consumers the chance to sample a huge array in both the botanicals and distillates, there’s an Irish gin for everyone out there!

Then when the festival starts on June 23rd, the public will be able to vote for their favourite #IrishGnT on Twitter, Instagram or by posting on the Great Irish Beverages Facebook page.

There will be a number of different events taking place hosted by all the brands that include tastings, tours and food pairings.

On the first day of the festival, there will be two opening parties on in Urban Brewing where for €15, each ticket holder will be able to enjoy an all Irish Gin & Tonic and sample dozens of Irish gins from all around Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The first opening party will be on from 1.30pm – 3.30pm (click here for tickets) and the second from 4.30pm – 6.30pm (click here for tickets.)

In addition to all the Irish Gins, there will be plenty of Poacher’s Premium Irish Mixers on offer – the naturally made, low sugar tonic waters that feature Irish herbs and flowers.

So gin up every one, good times are coming.

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