This is The Best Time to Exercise According to Kayla Itsines… and It’s Not 7am

You might think that the best way to get fit is to squeeze in multiple early morning workouts, but according to Australian fitness guru Kayla Itsines that’s not the case.

Those who struggle to rise early in the morning will be relieved to hear that Kayla, backed by a growing body of research, says that the best time to exercise is 4pm.

Not only does this tackle your afternoon slump but saving your workout for later in the day can actually improve the quality of your workout.


Science says that body strength and flexibility are actually at their peak in the late afternoon.

Scientists believe this is due to the body’s circadian rhythm, which causes body temperature to raise throughout the day and peak in the late afternoon.

Having fueled up with food (a.k.a energy) during the day you’ll be able to push yourself to the max without even realising it.

Speaking to the UK edition of Women’s Health magazine, personal trainer and creator of Bikini Body Guides (BBG) Kayla Itsines says this is the approach she takes.

“I train in the middle of the day because I prefer to have two meals at least in my body.”

“Today I trained legs after eating just an apple but usually, I have breakfast, relax, a coffee and then train. It’s about time as well.”

But while this is the optimal time to train, that isn’t your free pass to dodge earlier or later sessions.

“Some of my clients can’t train in the afternoon as they don’t have time,” says Kayla. “People work. It’s just what works for you that’s important rather than stressing about the small detail.”