Kim Kardashian Reveals Her New Beauty Product By Covering Her Naked Body in it

Kim Kardashian doesn’t do things subtly. Even though these days her wardrobe is mostly kitted out with muted shades of nude, white, black – and perhaps a touch of maroon every now and again – she wears them in the most extra way possible; see-through mesh, barely there lace and eye-popping perspex are all materials she wears on a daily basis.

So we never expected how she would break the news of the latest item to join her KKW Beauty Collection would be anything less than insanely extravagant, and the woman who is famous for being famous did not disappoint.

Kim shared the news of her Ultralight Beams highlighters and glosses via a post with her 104 million followers on Instagram, in which she is pictured strewn naked covered in only glitter.

In less than a day the post has amassed over 2.5 million likes – she may not have quite broken the internet on this occasion, but she certainly has caused a glitter-induced glitch.

Kim accompanied the post with the caption: “Ultralight Beams highlighters & glosses launching Dec 1st on KKWBEAUTY.COM.”

Ony in existence six months, KKW Beauty has buced all traditional beauty industry norms and business practices by using direct-to-consumer model earning tens of millions in the process.

Ustilising Instagram instead of traditional media platforms, Kim launched her contour kits in June, and has launched additional face and lip products, as well as three fragrances since then.

The KKW Beauty Instagram account also posted a video from what appears to be the photo shoot with the caption, “Sneak Peek #comingsoon.”

Other posts from the beauty entrepreneur included portrait shots of Kim layered in her new highlightes and glosses.

Fans are speculating that the name “Ultralight Beams” is a nod to her husband, Kanye West, who has a song called “Ultralight Beam” from his 2016 album The Life of Pablo.

A shot of one of the actual products we can expect, rather than just the women herself, was a lip gloss, also shared by KKW Beauty: