For Picnics That Pop: Krug Unveils a Glamorous €5,500 Champagne Backpack

Bringing a bottle of champagne to a picnic is alread an indulgent treat and now thanks to a collaboration between Krug Champagne and manufacturer of fine leather goods Berluti, it can now become an absolute luxury even way before the “pop”. They’ve teamed up to launch a €5,500 ($6,500) champagne backpack created specially to carry a bottle of the finest bubbles, keeping it perfectly chilled.

The backpack, named “Wild Journey”, comes in Krug’s trademark cherry colour and it’s made from the finest Venetian leather. It features a removable insulated foam insert and it comes with a bottle of Krug Rosé Champagne, a chrome wine stopper and two Riedel glasses designed for rosé champagne.

Owned by the LVMH group, Berluti is known for the quality and finesse of its leather products, and this design is the third in the “Berluti pour Krug” collection, which also includes two limited edition bags launched last year, both conditioned to carry your champagne in style. Named “Short Journey” and “Long Journey”, they also included bespoke glassware and Krug Champagne.

Krug Backpack

Champagne Krug and Berluti had previously collaborated to launch a unique Krug patina, a limited edition pair of shoes in the house’s iconic black cherry colour, inspired in the tone of the journal that Joseph Krug used to carry with him to write down his ideas.

The Wild Journey backpack and other past collaborations between Berluti and Krug combine the designer’s savoir-faire and the prestige of the fine Champagne. Both brands were founded in the 19th century and share a philosophy that values heritage and the ongoing quest for excellence.