This Rare New €1,000 Serum Promises to Give You “Newborn Skin”

If you’re a skincare nerd you’ve already familiar with La Prairie.

With ingredients lists that boast diamonds, caviar, and sleek, blue-and-platinum glass bottles the Swiss brand stands out in the beauty hall and has built a stellar reputation in the industry.

We didn’t think they could be any more luxurious, but their latest serum is garnering even more attention.

Image via La Prairie

Introducing La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir.

Costing just over €1,000 for a bottle, this is inarguably one the most expensive over-the-counter beauty products on earth.

A bold move from the beauty brand – but says that they know that their products are worth the price tag.

The complex new formula has been in development for the past 11 years, according to Allure.

One drop a night, the brand promises, and you’ll have newborn skin by morning a boast backed by a double-blind clinical trials — with 91 percent of respondents saying their skin “felt protected and nourished,” and 67 percent “that their skin felt regenerated.”

“The renewal process [of the skin] is one of the crucial processes in order to have a thick epidermis, and an intact skin barrier that really helps to keep all the irritants and microbes out of the skin,” Stangl explained.

What’s so revolutionary about the new serum is a peptide that helps exfoliate and activates the enzymes that are a part of the proliferation process (the skin’s automatic regeneration every night.)

Once that’s done it’s work other active ingredients like amino acids and glycol proteins help to repair and restore the skin.

After 14 days’ treatment with the elixir, subjects reported a 60 percent difference than their skin pigmentation and scarring pricing the cellular turnover was working faster than average.

You can pick up your bottle for a mere €1,052 from Brown Thomas.

Do you think baby soft skin in a bottle is worth a grand?