Why We Should Be Binning Our Lipsticks After Being Sick

“I have too many lipsticks” – said no woman, ever. But some beauty news has landed on our desks that might deplete our lipstick stashes in a serious way.

It turns out, we should be throwing our lipstick away after being ill – as if being sick wasn’t bad enough.

A health and safety investigator for ConsumerSafety.org, told The Independent that we’re supposed to throw our makeup away if we used it just before or during a cold.


They explained: “Your lip linings are a natural gateway to your respiratory tract, which puts you at an additional risk of infection and illness.”

In the same article, NY-based dermatologist, Joshua Zeichner, did go on to explain that: “Once you have been infected by a virus, you should be protected by your immune system from being reinfected by that same virus again, so you should not be able to reinfect yourself by using your contaminated lipstick.”

“Although, for every rule, there is an exception, so the safe thing to do would be to toss infected lipsticks and especially lip glosses.”

So what is a woman to do? Just avoid using your favourite products when “you actively have a cold,” so you don’t have to bin them later.

This news alone has turned our stomachs.