Lisa Cannon to ‘Xpose’ All Her Lifestyle Secrets in New Book

Since stepping away from her role presenting TV3’s Xpose, Lisa Cannon has been busy interviewing the stars on 3e’s Box Office along with various other hosting duties.

Less so in the public eye however Lisa has also been chasing her dream to become an author, and yesterday revealed that she has signed a deal to release a lifestyle book.

Lisa revealed the news to telling all about her next project.

Lisa Cannon Virgin Media Ireland

“The book and the style, which will be lifestyle, is very much in its infancy. It’s certainly not an autobiography, but I’ll be revealing more as it comes to fruition,” Lisa said yesterday.

“I had been approached last year but wasn’t sure that it was something I would like to do or indeed could do, however on reflection and since I have time in my schedule to do it now over a period of the next few months, I feel honoured and delighted!”

38 year-old Lisa said that adding author to her CV is a rather natural move for her given that both her parents are English teachers.

Lisa Cannon

“My father was a rock journalist with the Hot Press many moons ago when it started, so I feel I got some genetics there.

“Plus, both my parents were English teachers for 30 years, so I’ve being an avid reader all my life and have always had their influence!”

Before the book lands on bookshop shelves Lisa also revealed that we can look forward to the launch of her website:

“I’m excited to keep everyone up to date with all my goings on, however it’s been stressful as I’ve so much material over the years stashed away and I wonder how will I get everything on the site!”

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