Logo Nail Art is the Latest Must-Have Manicure Trend

Logo-MANI-a has taken a hold, again. The nail art trend took hold when Balenciaga’s iconic “B” were first spotted on the hands of the models at the brand’s autumn/winter 2017 runway.

Similar looks were soon spotted on the fingertips of models at Marc Jacobs and Kenzo.

Now, the woman behind the nail trend, Japanese-born expert Mei Kawajiri, is back with some new interpretations of the style, including a multicoloured interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s classic monogram (see below).

Logo Nail Art Trend via @LESNOB on Instagram
via @LESNOB on Instagram

The trend ties into fashion’s renewed its love affair with the logo for spring/summer 2018 – basically, the bigger, brasher, and bolder the better.

While the trend is fuelled by designer logos, if you’re not too keen on sporting a brand on your nails why not take the trend into your own hands, literally, and promote your own personal brand with your signauture phrase or name.

If you do want to get to grips with logomania however, screenshot the following examples for your next visit to the nail salon…