MAC and Puma are Collaborating on Shoes That Will Match Your Lipstick

MAC is well known for their collaborations, Jeremy Scott, Sia and Nikki Minaj among them. Though until now their innovations have, naturally, remained within the realm of beauty.

Now, MAC is going somewhere they haven’t gone before, partnering with Puma to create trainers that will match your lips.

The news comes after the beauty brand teased the collaboration on Instagram in November of last year.

“Your favorite hues take a big step in a whole new direction,” the caption read mysteriously.

The big reveal is even better then we could have imagined, however.

For a limited time, Puma will offer their iconic Suede Design trainers in three of MAC’s bestselling lipstick shades.

You’ll be able to match your sneaks to the peachy neutral Crème d’Nude, matte bright red Lady Danger, and Sin, a matte deep plum.

In their latest Insta post MAC said:

“Kicks that match our lips?! YES PLEASE 👟💄 M•A•C has joined forces with @puma @pumasportstyle to create limited-edition suede sneakers inspired by our iconic Lipsticks Lady Danger, Créme d’Nude and Sin! #PUMAxMAC #FORALLTIME”

The shoes also feature the MAC Cosmetics logo on the tongue – too cute.

The shoes will be on sale exclusively on from the beginning in May $90.

There’s been confirmation that the shoes will be directly available from the Irish puma online store, but we’ll keep you posted.

Scroll on to see the three new exclusive MAC x Puma styles…

puma x mac

puma x mac

puma x mac