Margot Robbie Has Changed Her Name and it Will Take Some Getting Used to

Margot Robbie is well on her way to becoming one of Australia’s best ever exports, and takes our breath away continually not only with her acting skills (we can’t wait to watch I, Tonya) and with her incredible beauty and striking red carpet outfits.

The actress has been on our screens since her Home and Away days, so it may take some adjusting to the fact that Margot has reportedly changed her name.

Margot Robbie

It was spotted by The Daily Telegraph that Margot’s name was listed differently on the seating plan at one of her best friend’s wedding in Melbourne recently.

Her name card read “Mrs Tom Ackerley,” which would suggest that she has officially taken her husband’s last name.

‘Margot Ackerley’… it just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

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Tom Ackerley shared on Instagram some snaps of the couple at the wedding, showcasing Margot’s The Vampire’s Wife metallic red gown worth $2,377 (AUD).

Margot and Tom wed in a secret ceremony in Byron Bay back in December 2018.

So far Margot has remained as ‘Margot Robbie’ in her professional life, but whether or not Margot will adopt Ackerley going forward is still unknown.