Meghan Markle’s Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost as Much as a Year’s Rent

It’s been almost a week and we thought we were done with analysing how Meghan Markle wore her makeup and hair on the Royal Wedding Day, until we heard the latest bombshell…

Meghan reportedly spent over €11,000 on hair and makeup. Nope, we did not see that coming either.

We weren’t surprised to see Meghan sport a relaxed look on the big day.

Meghan Markle Image via @kensingtonroyal on Instagram
Image via @kensingtonroyal on Instagram

Many guessed that she would go for her signature messy bun type hairstyle, and they were not disappointed with her flyaway-centric look.

Her makeup saw her embrace her natural beauty, with sheer pink lipstick and a barely-there face, enhancing those adorable freckles (we’re predicting freckles will be the beauty trend of the summer. If you don’t have them fake them with a brown eye liner pencil).

But low-key does not necessarily indicate low-budget it seems.

As reported by Bridebook UK, Meghan’s hair and makeup is speculated to cost about £10,000, which translates to a little over €11,000 – about as much of a year’s worth of rent for some people.

It was reported that Meghan would do her own makeup, but she in fact turned to her old friend Daniel Martin and Serge Normant was responsible for her effortless hair.

€11,000 is a ridiculous amount to spend on one person’s head, for one day.

But then if we had 3 billion people tuning in to watch our big day we’d probably dig deep too…