Your Messy ‘Hun Bun’ is Now Officially Chanel Approved

Messy buns, aka ‘hun buns’, are a hairstyle we have kept to the gym or the privacy of our homes, until now and they are officially fit for the runway, according to Chanel.

Yesterday, during it’s Fall 2018 collection Paris Fashion Week show, Chanel sent models, including like Kaia Gerber and and Binx Walton, down the catwalk with messy buns.

kaia-gerber-chanel-paris-fashion-week-Messy bun

Sam McKnight, the hairstylist behind the oh-so casual hairstyle, posted several videos on Instagram of the messy topknots on models.

“The easiest of updo’s @chanelofficial as if the girls have done it themselves,” McKnight wrote on Instagram.

Of course, because they are top models and this is Chanel we’re talking about, they didn’t.

McKnight did share videos of him creating the Chanel-approved updo, and we’re sorry to break it to you but it takes a little longer than the 5 seconds you usually spend on it.

It’s still pretty though, simply comb your hair into a high, sleek ponytail, securing it with an elastic, then spray the ends with a texturizing spray to pump up the volume of your natural hair.

McKnight’s own Hair By Sam McKnight Easy Updo would work perfectly here.

Next, just as you would with your your usual loopy bun, pull the ends through the elastic. Then twisting and looping the elastic over the rest of your bun, so it’s kind of like forming two buns on top of one another.

Et Volia, you are runway ready.