The Perm is Officially Back: All You Need to Know to Work the Curls

We all know, and we definitely agree, that Julia Roberts in the iconic Pretty Woman is the poster girl for the classic perm – curly locks with plenty of volume and a lot of length.

But somewhere in the Nineties the perm got a bad reputation and as we entered the Noughties it became replaced by sleek straight hair instead.

Now, women around the world have embraced the curl once more and the perm is officially back, but with a modern twist, as showcased by Zendaya and Tori Kelly.

To talk us through the trend that’s been hitting red carpets, runways, and is all over Instagram, we hooked up with Creative Director Ian Davey of hair salon Davey Davey, Stephen Street, to learn more about the modern reincarnation of the hairstyle.

Modern Perm

What is the modern perm and what hair does it suit?

Curls that are voluminous but not too tight with soft texture is the definition of the modern perm. Thinking back to the old school perm, Ian names actress Nicole Kidman as his go-to icon.

While Roberts and Kidman are iconic for their red tresses, we’ve seen different women rock different hues over the years. “All hair colours can perm their hair – red, blonde or brunette, it can be suitable for everyone,” he says.

Though Ian warns that if you already use “a technical colour service it’s important to consider the condition of the hair before perming,” and that “medium to fine hair are best suited.”

So, if you have been sporting any shade of pink as of late, do check the condition of your hair with your stylist before going for the Curly Sue finish.

How do you maintain and style the modern perm?

For those looking who aren’t too keen to take the permanent perm plunge just yet, Ian recommends trying a curly blow dry that’s slightly pulled out to give a gentle finish, for which the Davey Davey salon uses Moroccanoil Volume Mousse (€22.95), that will also give a strong hold.

“As we don’t offer a technical perm service in Davey Davey, for a softer effect I would recommend going the curly blow dry.”

Once you have your curly mane, be that via a perm or a curly blow dry, to achieve a longer lasting curl he recommends “using Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream (€30.54), as it creates natural looking curls that last, due to it being infused with Argan oil – great for fighting frizz and definig the curl. It’s amazing!”

Tori Kelly Modern perm curly hair

Considering the popularity of modern perm and its curly sister styles, there been a high demand of the latter at Davey Davey. “We get a lot of request for softer curl styles that have a more bohemian look to them.”

“We offer our clients a wide variety of curly styles depending on the request of the client, and the look they are trying to achieve. Whether it’s a 1950s pin curl, bohemian waves or diffused natural curls – we do it all.”

To book your transformation, visit Davey Davey at 24 Stephen Street Lower, Dublin 2 or call on (01) 607 8999.