NASA Confirms First Ever Female Space Walk

Today marks a pretty serious day for Women, as for for the first time in history, an all-female crew will conduct a spacewalk at the International Space Station! NASA’s First All-Female Spacewalk Will Happen During Women’s History Month!

Astronauts Anne McClain and Christina Koch, along with flight controller Jackie Kagey, are set to conduct the International Space Station spacewalk on March 29 and we are thrilled at the news.

They’ll be supported on the ground by Canadian Space Agency flight controller Kristen Facciol, who will be on the console at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.
It was Facciol herself who first tweeted the announcement on March 1, saying:

And How long will it last? The spacewalk could last anywhere between five to eight hours!
Both McClain and Koch were part of the 2013 astronaut class, half of which were women, and came from the second largest number of applications NASA ever has received – more than 6,100. The most recent class of flight directors was also 50% women, NASA said.

We wish them good luck and can’t wait to tune in to see history happening!