Happy National Bring Your Dog To Work Day! This Is Why You Should Get Involved

Today, June 22nd, is a great day. Not only is a Friday, but it also marks national Bring Your Dog To Work Day, a.k.a the best day of the year.

ISPCA has encouraged business owners to let workers bring their dogs in with them to mark the occasion.

Not only will this raise awareness for the great work done by the charity but the act of bringing your pet to work is actually proven to make your workplace a better place too.

There’s mounting body of evidence that having a workplace pet can help ease stress and actually make people work more efficiently, it’s little wonder that some employers are becoming more open to the idea (including IndulgeMe HQ, btw).

A recent study by CV-Library revealed that 87 percent of office pets are dogs, with the rest being cats and rabbits.

But before you bring Spot and Whiskers into the office tomorrow, be warned that not everyone is as keen on an office animal (what kind of monsters are these people).

Dog Image via @poochofnyc on Instagram
Image via @poochofnyc on Instagram

46 percent of women think that having pets in the office makes them more productive, however only 29 percent of men think the same and over 40 percent of men have accused pets of being “distracting” in the workplace.

We were even more aghast to hear that 19 percent of men said pets in the office are “annoying.”

Speaking about the trend of office pets Managing director of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, said: “With one in two households owning a pet, it’s clear to see the attraction and convenience of bringing them with you to work.”