This New Fake Tan Eraser is Here to Wipe Away Your Tanning Woes

Prepping for #TanningThursday? Then you’ll probably be all too aware of the stubborn remnants of fake tan that are hanging around since last weeks endeavours.

Worse still, have you been subject to a tanning disaster a la Anne Hathaway’s character in Bride Wars? (If so, we hope it wasn’t a malicious attack in your case)

Fear not, Ireland’s newest must-have tanning brand Iconic Bronze has just released a new ‘Self Tan Eraser – Foaming Cleanser’ that promises to wipe away your tanning woes effortlessly.


The newest addition to Iconic Bronze, the Self Tan Eraser is designed to be a fast-working formula that is tough on tan yet gentle on even the most sensitive of skin.

The effortless foaming cleanser promises to effectively remove self-tan in just 5–10 minutes without the need to subject your skin to frantic, harsh exfoliating in the shower.

The results? A fresh canvas before your next tanning session.

So, what’s different about this new tan remover from all the others on the market?

The unique moisturizing formula is designed to leave the skin silky soft and smooth while also erasing signs of residual tan leaving skin prepped for a fresh application.

For best results, Iconic Bronze suggests you apply the Self Tan Eraser – Foaming Cleanser to dry skin at least 3 or 4 days after applying self-tan. If the tan is fresh on the skin it will be harder to remove.

Apply the foam formula liberally onto the skin leaving it to settle for at least 5 – 10 minutes. Once it has settled into the skin, shower off with warm water using a wet face cloth to wipe off the old tan.

If you have particularly stubborn areas of tan gently rub with an exfoliating mitt.

The new Iconic Bronze Self Tan Eraser – Foaming Cleanser is available in Iconic Bronze stockists & pharmacies nationwide, RRP €13.99, as well as online via