The Best New Things to Watch on Netflix in May 2018

Looking for your next bingeworthy series or to settle in for the night with a new film on Netflix this month?

Well, the video streaming subscription service is releasing a host of must-see box set TV shows and new movies this May 2018 that we’re very excited to get stuck into.

Netflix 13 reasons

It might be sunny outside this May, but who said you ever had to leave the house?

13 Reasons Why

Release date: May 18

Season two of the controversial show has been announced as a new addition to Netflix, hitting screens on May 18th.

Taking to Twitter to announce the news, Netflix shared an eery new trailer. We can already feel the obsession taking hold again…

Love Island

Release date: May 1

Ahead of the new series, which airs in June, fans of Love Island can get their fill of the first two seasons from May 1st.

Sixty-six episodes in total will be live, to let you relive all the best moments.

Evil genius

Release date: May 11

It’s 2003 in Erie, Pennsylvania and there has just been a bank robbery leaving a thieving pizza delivery guy dead after a bomb exploded that was fastened to his neck.

This new docuseries that is airing on May 11 sounds totally creepy and totally gripping.

Dear White People

Release date: May 4

College students Samantha White and her accomplices continue their fight against racial discrimination and protest against the elitist Ivy League students.

“There’s a lot of secrets to uncover this season, in particular, who is coming after Sam,” explains creator, Justin Simien.

A little help with Carol Burnett

Release date: May 4

Baby boomers take on generation Alpha in this talk show series where youngest demographic in society show Carol Burnett and other guests how it’s done in tricky situations adults may face in life.

27: Gone Too Soon

Release date: May 1

The “27 Club” is a group of musicians who all tragically died at the age of 27, including Amy Winehouse and Jim Morrison.. This documentary which will explore musicians and mental health.

The Rain

Release date: May 4

Set in an apocalyptic Scandinavia after a deadly virus has wiped out the majority of the population, two Danish siblings are feeling rebellious in their pursuit of finding mankind.

How will the pair subsist with no rules or regulations? Will they dance in the rain or fall from grace?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 4

Release date: May 4

After being held in a cult for 15 years in Indiana, Kimmy Schmidt is back for a fourth season in the Big Apple and we’re excited to see what bizarre situations she get herself into.

Kissing Booth

Release date: May 11

This feature-length film adapted from Beth Reekles’ novel tells all about the rollercoaster ride teenager Elle finds herself on after ending up in the carnival kissing booth with your best friend’s brother…


Release date: May 18

Desperate to spare his daughter from the deadly virus, infected father (Martin Freeman) is on a quest to find refuge for her after being stranded in rural Australia.