Study Reveals the Nation’s Top New Year’s Resolutions… and That a Third Break Them

So, you’ve made a host of ambitious resolutions for 2018, but will you stick to them? According to a new study half will make a New Year’s resolution — despite nearly a third breaking last year’s within a month.

When broken down by gender, 51 percent of women say they plan on making a New Year’s resolution compared to just 40 percent of men.

The survey was commissioned by LloydsPharmacy, Ireland’s leading pharmacy group, ahead of the launch of its health transformation programme, Change Your Health Direction.

Change Your Health Direction is a free 8-week programme available in all LloydsPharmacy stores across Ireland. Health and wellness coaches will help LloydsPharmacy customers set, achieve and maintain their personalised fitness and lifestyle goals.

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Top of the resolution list this year is being more active (59 percent), being healthier (56 percent), improving diet and nutrition (55 percent), and reducing stress (40 percent).

Young women (aged 25-44) were most likely to want to reduce stress (50 percent) in 2018, and the most likely to want to find a new job (30 percent).

To nearly half of people (47 percent), making a change in 2018 is ‘very important’ — and 82 percent are confident of sticking to the plan.

63 percent said that their own willpower is the main factor involved in making this change, followed by family (42 percent).

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However, if last year’s New Year resolutions are anything to go by, the bar might be set a little high. Only a quarter (26 percent) committed to a resolution in 2017 and nearly a third (30 percent) broke theirs within a month.

But, for the people who did stick to their resolution, the vast majority (85 percent) said it had made a positive impact on their life. 41 percent said the impact had been significant.

“Irish men and women are keen to make positive changes to their life,” said Lisa Walsh, Training Specialist at LloydsPharmacy.

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“The Change Your Health Direction campaign is all about creating real results for our customers. Over the course of our eight-week health transformation programme, LloydsPharmacy colleagues are on hand in to help customers set personalised goals, progress measurement guides, and tips on how to lead a more active lifestyle.”

Health and Wellness Coach Alison Canavan, an ambassador for the campaign, said “As a health coach I know the importance of supporting people through positive lifestyle change. We all want to feel and be at our best but very few of us know where to start.”

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