NORTH’S Top Tips: 5 Space Saving Ideas For Your Home

Article by Lauren & Louise Co-Founders of NORTH

We all wish we lived in bigger houses with plenty more storage, it’s one of the most common requests we hear from our clients. So with that in mind, we’ve put together some space saving and organising tips to help you maximise your storage potential at home.

Vanity units

Obviously the go to in bathrooms is to put a mirrored storage above your sink, but these can’t be too deep, so make an under sink vanity a priority. Yes they are more expensive, but they’re far more spacious and practical.

2. Under stairs

What’s often a bit of a dud space, utilise it by getting a joiner to create built in storage to whatever suits your home needs. Drawers are great for shoes or add cupboards to hang coats and hide the hallway mess.

3. Everything should have it’s place

Whether it’s your beauty products, your tupperware or your gym gear, allocate every thing to an organised storage facility: under-bed boxes, drawer compartments etc. You’re far more likely to put something back in it’s place if you’ve allocated it one, and keep the house clutter free!

4. Think higher

Often people install kitchens that leave that unwanted gap above their overhead units, but carrying the joinery up to the ceiling means no dust collecting space is left and you have more storage, even if you have to get a step ladder to reach!

5. Maximise wall space

In apartments or small houses, getting a custom built unit for your living room is well worth the investment. The unit will fit your space like a glove and leave no odd nooks and crannies, and also provided concealed storage and open shelves to create a nice styling opportunity.

Lauren & Louise x

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