NORTH’s Top Tips: 5 Ways To Use Tiles Differently At Home

Article by Lauren & Louise Co-Founders of NORTH

1. Inlaid in Timber
Rather than using a tile or a timber in your hallway, create a timber border around your tiles to form a tiled carpet effect. Make sure the tile sits flush with the timber flooring so there’s trip point. This would also work well in your kitchen if you wanted to use a tile within the cooking area and timber else where.

Photo Credit: Dee Hardwicke

2. Archways
If you have arches into areas of your home, whether they’re curved or squared, tiling the reveal can add an eclectic addition to the space and frame your walkway in. If the area is large, then get a builder to confirm if additional support in the overhead area of the arch is required. Mosaics or penny tiles would work easiest on curved arches.

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3. Fireplace Interiors
If you’ve a vacant fireplace or perhaps a wood burner stove in place, then add a tile to the interior to add colour, pattern or texture. Porcelain tiles are very heat resistant so ideal for surrounding a stove.

Photo Credit: Jeffery Dungan Architects

4. From Floor to Wall
A great way to blur the lines between the floor and wall in your bathroom is to continue the one style of tile from floor to ceiling. Running this up behind your bath or shower adds an interesting backdrop to your sanitary ware and frames the space nicely.

Photo Credit: Decor Pad

5. Architectural Additions
A subtle but impactful tiling feature would be to create shapes with your tiles that compliment architectural features within the room – note the archway and black tile reference below. It also heightens the ceiling by drawing your eye up to the darker border!

Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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