Omniplex Launches MyOmniPass Monthly Subscription

Omniplex Cinemas, one of Ireland’s largest cinema groups, is delighted to introduce MyOmniPass, a monthly subscription allowing customers to ‘See It All’ from just €17.95 per month.

MyOmniPass offers a range of benefits including one ticket to every standard movie screened at Omniplex Cinemas along with 10% off friends’ tickets booked online. Members will also enjoy 10% off cinema treats plus free upgrades of MyOmniPass tickets to MAXX & Recline shows, along with exclusive screenings just for members. And as Omniplex has just announced its 29th cinema opening in Salthill in Galway later this summer, members truly can see it all across 239 screens located in most major cities and towns in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

The launch of MyOmniPass is in response to an ever-growing demand for the cinema in Ireland. The Irish are the biggest cinema goers in Europe – on average every person on the island will visit the cinema 3.8 times per year, with action movies proving the most popular genre, closely followed by comedy and animation. Shauna Crawley, Marketing & Loyalty Manager with Omniplex Cinemas, said

“The demand for cinema in Ireland is stronger than ever, with guests across the country welcoming the opportunity to escape into another world for a few hours! We’ve been investing heavily in new technology & seating to ensure guests have the most immersive experience possible.”

In relation to the launch of MyOmniPass, Shauna continued: “A lot of customers have asked about a subscription service at Omniplex, and we’ve built our MyOmniPass on our customers’ feedback. Two key elements of our service are firstly that it’s all based on e-cards so once you have a smartphone, you always have your pass. And secondly, you get one ticket to every standard movie we’re showing. With an average of 702 movies released per year over the past ten years, we really want to give our customers a chance to See It All.”

MyOmniPass Pricing
(Based on minimum 12 month contract)
ROI including Dublin and Cork, €19.95 per month
ROI excluding Dublin & Cork €17.95 per month

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