One Bottle of This Face Oil Sells Every 20 Seconds

We’re big fans of face oil here at IndulgeMe. Hailed for its plumping, hydrating, radiance enhancing effects, even those with oily skin shouldn’t overlook this skincare step, as it can also help regulate your natural sebum production.

Rosehip oil in particular has garnered a royal reputation. The completely natural oil, soothes acne flare-ups, and slows down the sides of ageing as it extends the life of your cell membranes.

There are may rosehip oils on the market, but Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil in particular has gained a cult following.

So much so that it sells every 20 seconds, which tallies up to 30,240 bottles within the span of a week.

rosehip- face oil-antioxidant-dropper

So what’s so good about this product? Trilogy’s totally organic blend that contains 80% essential fatty acids (shoutout to omegas 3 and 6), and it smells ah-mazing too.

The success of the product is not only down to its clean and simple ingredients list or a killer marketing campaign, however. The money-cannot-buy effects of Kate Middelton has played its part too.

Once it was reported that Kate was a fan of the oil and used it throughout her pregnancy sales sky rocketed.

In fact, when Trilogy reported that 43% of women in a trail reported their stretch marks were minimized, and 41% claimed that the color of their scars had improved.

Face Oil

Irish blogger Pippa O’Connor Ormond has also on several occasions declared her love for the product. She also uses complimentary products in the range, the Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ and the Ultra Hydrating Face Cream.

Trilogy is available in Lloyds Pharmacy, Sam McCauley chemists, Nourish, The Health Store, department stores, independent pharmacies, and health stores nationwide.

You can pick up your bottle at Arnotts for €22.95 HERE.