Painting Your Front Door This Colour Could Add €5k In Value To Your House

There are lots of ways to add value to your house. We’ve even shared one tip that could up the market price by 40% that will cost you absolutely nothing!

If you’re selling there is another super simple home improvement method to make back your estate agent’s fee, however.

Forget adding on a conservatory, getting new windows, or amping up the insulation, all you have to do is paint your door a particular colour to help you get more buck for your house.

house front doors Image via @mylondonfairytales on Instagram
Image via @mylondonfairytales on Instagram

Real estate and rental marketplace Zillow just released its 2018 Paint Color Analysis which yielded some interesting results.

The study examined more than 135,000 photos of sold homes across the US to compare how paint colors affected sale prices.

It turns out that painting your door black or charcoal grey could significantly increase the expected selling price of your home, to the tune of around $6,271, in fact.

This works out at about €5,394.

“While cool, neutral wall colors like tan and light blue are still popular, we’re seeing a notable shift in home design where pops of color—particularly in darker hues of blue and gray to even black—are becoming increasingly popular,” Kerrie Kelly, Zillow home design expert, says in the press release.

And your front door just so happens to be the easiest place to execute said on-trend “pop.”

So minus the average cost of the paint job and you’re talking a simple way to earn five grand.

Even better forgo the cost of a painter and get hands on yourself. Cha-ching