Penneys Latest Homeware Drop Has Everything You Need to Give Your House a Minimal Makeover

Penneys Marble tea light holder - €4 Light Bulb €8 Copper Wire Terarium €6 Faux Plant €2 Tall Candle €4
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If one of your New Year resolutions was to give your house a revamp but your budget is pretty tight post-Christmas then Penneys have just answered your prayers with their latest homeware collection.

With prices starting at just €2.50 the new homeware accessories the range is not only beautifully boho but will come way under budget.

Of course price isn’t everything, no body wants to fill their house with items that will be out of style in a few months just because they are cheap and cheerful.

But that’s where this collection comes into its own – it’s full of items we actually really adore, and some of them exact dupes for home accessories you’d see in higher end stores for triple the price.

The range of pillows, bedding, mirrors and more is one of Penney’s best yet, and has a distinct minimal, bohemian vibe.

Create a new zen vibe in your home this New Year with dainty fairy lights, candle holders, and throws in a range of muted grey and light pink tones.

View the gallery above and then head to Penneys on the way home from work to snap up these beautiful bargains before everyone else does.