Little Chip is Back! Penneys’ Are Bringing Out a Brand New Chip Cup

Forget Gucci belt bags, tickets to Ed Sheeran and Yeezys, one of the most sought after products was a cup. But not just any cup, a ‘Chip Cup’ from Penneys.

Beauty and the Beast fans went wild when the little cup landed on the shelves of the high street retailer just ahead of the release of the live action first of Beauty and the Beast.

A social media storm brewed and people flocked to Penneys’ stores to get their hands on the little porcelain cup, inspired by every one’s favourite character from the original 1991 movie, Chip.

Primark Chip Cup

It seems we might have to gather ourselves once again, and plan a shopping strategy, as a new chip cup is due to arrive at Penneys.

The new mug – called Bubble Chip Mug – will be hitting shelves in Penneys next week and is priced at just €7.

Primark Chip Cup and Teapot

Chip cup 2.0 is part of a new homeware and clothing range of Beauty and the Beast, so if you can’t get your hands on the chip cup you can console yourself with a ring-holder tray, piggy banks, pyjamas, tea pots and pillows.