Penneys Launches Two Pug Christmas Jumpers That Are Worth Looking Ridiculous For

It’s that time of year when, even though you might resist, a Christmas jumper is a staple item in your wardrobe. We’ve already shared with you our picks of the most stylish Christmas jumpers, but now Penneys has just released two sweaters that will make dog lovers swoon.

Introducing, Pug Christmas jumpers. The most eye-catching of the pair is a knitted red wonder that stole our hearts as soon as we saw the adorable bug eyed dog on its front staring back at us.

Of course, being from Penneys the jumper won’t steal much more from you, and the festive must-have is priced at only €18.

The bargain clothing brand shared the new item with a post on their Instagram, accompanied simply by the caption “Merry Pug-mas.”

Red Pug Christmas Jumper

Though those who don’t want something quite so festive, you can opt for a slightly more subtle and chic Grey Pug Christmas Jumper too.

The jumpers are landing in selected Penneys’ stores nationwide, but we expect these are going to sell-out at the high-street store.

Grey Pug Christmas JUmper

If you are going to look ridiculous over Christmas wearing something you wouldn’t be caught dead in at any other period of the year you might as well look cute too while your at it, right?

Merry Pug-mas to one and all indeed.