Penneys Are Now Selling A StylPro Brush Cleaner Dupe For Just €10

While we are well aware that we should be cleaning our makeup brushes on the regular, and have heard the horror stories about the bacteria lurking within the bristles, but we’re guilty of neglecting this laborious task.

There is a product on the market, however, that makes cleaning your brushes a piece of cake that we’ve been meaning to try out, the StylPro Brush Cleaner.

Image via StylPro brush cleaner
Image via StylPro

The genius innovation uses centrifugal spin technology to leave makeup brushes clean, dry and ready to reuse in seconds – no excuse not to have them squeaky clean then.

Just as we were about to invest €69.99 (though it’s on sale on for €46.66 right now) in the wonder product the news landed that Penneys are selling a dupe… and it costs just a tenner.

The update comes via Sligo Style who graciously shared the Penneys dupe on her Facebook page.

The brush cleaner works best with anti-bacterial soap and water for non oil-based makeup. For oil-based makeup it’s best to use a cleanser.

It is also suitable for most makeup brush types (synthetic and natural) including: lip liner, eye liner, eye shadow, concealer, primer, foundation, contouring, highlighting, kabuki, buffing, blending, fan, blusher, bronzing and powder brushes.

Just pop them in with the soap/cleanser, add water and let it do it’s thing.

It’s time we went to Penneys to grab a ‘few bits’ and this brush cleaner will definitely be going into the basket.