The Perfect G&T Glass Has Just Been Created And We Need One

Your favourite gin, a subtly flavoured tonic, a few choice garnishes and loads of ice, all served in a ‘highball’ stemmed glass, sounds like the perfect G&T right?

Wrong, well that’s according to Schweppes who have teamed with a food scientist and drinks expert to make the ultimate, scientifically designed G&T glass – and it looks like nothing you’re used to.

While we’re used to the vast fish bowl style glasses G&Ts are usually served in Schweppes’ design is tall with a rounded base.

Schweppes G&T
Image via Schweppes

According to the experts this means the fizziness of your gin and tonic will last much longer.

They’ve even employed a special glass-blowing technique to further guarantee your G&T will not go flat.

The glass is also a lot heavier than you’re average glass, not to help you burn off the calories you’re drinking, but it was designed this way as research has found heavier glasses can enhance the enjoyment of a drink.

Your G&T will even be more comfortable to drink as the rounded base means the glass fits perfectly in to the palm of your hand.

While the glasses are still at prototype stage now, Schweppes is planning to release them as a limited-edition collection for its 225th birthday.

The news that a G&T might get even better has us flustered, you could say that a spot of gin is called for, to calm the nerves…