There Are Going to Be a Few Auroras on the Playground: 2018’s Most Anticipated Baby Names

If you were one of those kids who was one of a multiple of classmates with the same name in school then you’ll know the pain of having a popular name.

So, if you’re expecting in the New Year you probably are keen to choose something unique for your future bundle of joy.

Step in BabyGaga who have analysed the naming trends and come up with their list of the most anticipated baby names for boys and girls in 2018.

Cute Baby Names

The lists include popular names like Emma, Charlotte, Jack and Oliver. Though there are some more unusual names in the mix too.

If you thought your kid would be the only Aurora or Atticus in the playground then you might want to rethink your baby naming strategy.

Even if you’re not pregnant the list of adorable names will still be of intrigue, though be warned – reading may induce broodiness.

Top names for girls for 2018:

1. Emma
2. Charlotte
3. Sadie
4. Violet
5. Kennedy
6. Savannah
7. Penelope
8. Victoria
9. Ellie
10. Hazel
11. Natalie
12. Luna
13. Rylie
14. Aurora
15. Scarlett
16. Nora
17. Zoe
18. Amelia
19. Harper
20. Stella

Top names for boys for 2018:

1. Finn
2. Jack
3. Atticus
4. Oliver
5. Theodore
6. Reuban
7. Dylan
8. Corin
9. Adam
10. Alexander
11. Daniel
12. Christopher
13. Brandon
14. Logan
15. Joseph
16. Hunter
17. Lucas
18. Kai
19. Jasper
20. Isaac